Toilet Repairs in Stratford

All types of toilet issues repairs in Barking, Romford, Dagenham, and Hackney are completed to your satisfaction. Call in the team at ALBO Plumbing and Heating to fix your toilet and drainage problems no matter how big or small. Our family-run and owned business are here to get your toilet flushing and draining properly in no time. We are on hand 24 hours Monday to Sunday so we are available when you need us in a hurry.

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What type of toilet repairs do we do?

We are experienced and fully trained to complete all types of plumbing problems. When it comes to toilets, we have seen them all over the years. Toilets are used many times every day and it stands to reason that they will need repairing occasionally. We often fix:

These are all broken toilet issues that we can repair. We use the best parts when we complete repairs to make sure that they last. If parts of the toilet need replacing, then we are here to do that as well. Let us provide a quote to fix your toilet and we can offer some advice too. If you’re not sure if your toilet can be repaired, contact one of our team and we can let you know.

Dripping toilets

Sometimes, it might seem like a repair on your toilet isn’t necessary. Possibly you only have a dripping toilet or a cistern that only runs a little bit. But these are issues that should be looked at by a professional – leaving them is a false economy. Running water, even if it’s just a drip, will increase your water bill if you have a water meter. Over the weeks and months, you will be paying for the water you are wasting. Stop the drip in the cistern – we can do it for you quickly and save you money over the longer run.

Water leaking down the back or underneath a toilet can cause damage to the walls or floors. After time you will need expensive repairs to your property, so get our team to fix the leak sooner rather than later.

Blocked toilets

We have the right tools for the job and with our experience of working with blocked toilets, we can clear the problem for you. We make sure that the blockage is completely clear before we leave. If this keeps happening, then further investigation is required to see why. Our engineers are here to provide some guidance and offer a quote for further work if you need it.