Power Flushing Services

Do you have cold areas on your radiators? Power flushing the central heating system could get rid of that so that your radiators work efficiently again. Power flushing is a process that should be completed by a trained and professional engineer.

We are available in Stratford, Hackney, Barking, Dagenham, and Romford to power flush your central heating. Your system will work better after a power flush so book an appointment with us today.

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What is power flushing?

A power flush is a process that cleans the inside of the radiators and pipes of your heating system. Over the years, rust and debris build up inside the radiators forming a sludge. This sludge prevents the hot water from flowing easily around the system.

With a periodical power flush, the debris is removed. Using specialist equipment attached to each radiator, chemicals are pumped into the system to loosen the sludge, and the remains are drained out leaving clear water to circulate once more.

Our team of trained engineers power-flush your central heating safely and cleanly. It takes a few hours to complete the process properly and we check that your system is running properly before we leave.

How often should you power flush radiators?

Power flushing only needs to be carried out approximately every 5 years. The build-up inside the radiators happens gradually. If you have a new system, there is no need to power flush, but if you have an older system your home could benefit from this process.

We recommend that you power flush your central heating before having a new boiler installed. This will prevent any old particles and sludge from passing through the new boiler as soon as it is fired up.

Do I need the power flushing service?

Cold spots on the radiators are a good sign that a power flush is required. Another sign to look for is unusual banging in the pipes. Clearing the system of sludge gets the water flowing properly through the radiators and pipes again.

Call on the professionals to power flush your gas heating the correct way. We are available to complete the process in your home and have appointments at times that will suit you.