Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Any gas appliance fitted in a rented property must be checked by a Gas Safe engineer to be legally compliant with current regulations. The responsibility is with the landlord for every property that has tenants whether they are renting temporarily or long-term.

The team at ALBO Plumbing and Heating are trained and qualified to inspect rental properties and issue a Gas Safety Certificate (landlord certificate). Make sure you meet legal requirements as a landlord and book a Gas Safety Inspection with us today.

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Do You need a Gas Safety Certificate?

If you are a landlord or are the agent acting for a landlord, you must make sure that the rental property has a valid Gas Safety Certificate to give to the tenant. To be valid, the certificate must be less than 12 months old and issued by an accredited professional. Rented properties that are let all of the time or only occasionally must be inspected. These are the types of rented places that must have the documents:

If any of the above has one or more gas appliances, then you must have a Gas Safety Certificate for them. What is counted as a gas appliance? This would be a gas boiler, gas fire, gas hob, or gas oven. If there is no gas connected to the property then there is no requirement for a gas safety inspection. If you are not sure if you require a landlord certificate, give us a call and we can offer guidance about the appliances you have installed at the property.

What is does a Gas Safety Inspection cover?

The main focus of the inspection is safety. Our engineers will look carefully at the appliance and the way it is installed to ensure that it is safe to use. Testing for leaks is part of the inspection as well. We also make sure that the gas appliance is located correctly and that it is being used for the right purpose. It’s a straightforward inspection that is in place to keep the tenants safe but also to protect the landlord’s property. An annual inspection will show that a landlord has provided safe and adequate gas appliances, or it will alert them to any issues.

We are happy to complete a boiler service at the same time if this is required. Our team also carries out repairs and new installations for landlords in the Stratford, Hackney, Barking, Dagenham, and Romford areas.