Boiler Services East London

Keep your boiler running efficiently with an annual boiler service. A boiler can only legally be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer – that’s where we can help. At ALBO Plumbing and Heating, we are qualified, trained and Gas Safe accredited to complete boiler services.

Let us take the fuss out of maintaining your boiler and book a yearly service with us. We always put the customer first and respect your property when we enter. We use footwear protectors to keep your flooring clean and always leave your place tidy.

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What to expect with a boiler service

Boiler service in Romford, Hackney, Barking, Stratford, or Dagenham won’t take too long. Usually, we will complete the work in 45 minutes to an hour and we book appointments for a time that is convenient for you.

We start a boiler service by removing the boiler cover so we can closely inspect the internal parts. We check for corrosion, leaks, and wear to ensure your safety. Gas and water pressure are checked along with the pilot. The flue is inspected and adequate ventilation is assured. We take a look at the controls too and clean some of the main internal workings.

The main focus during our boiler services is safety. Toxic gases can be deadly if leaked, so we check for leaks and any potential failures.

If we find anything that concerns us, or might become a problem in the coming year, we will discuss this with you straightaway. A boiler service allows you to be forewarned of any issues so you can plan repairs before they become an emergency.

Why book a boiler service with us

Knowing that your boiler has been checked by a trained and experienced Gas Safe engineer will put your mind at rest. Book a service once a year to make sure that the boiler is safe and operating efficiently. Many warranties require an annual service to remain active, so don’t get caught out.

An annual check will also highlight work that might be needed over the next few months. If we think repairs might be required before the next service, we can leave a quote with you and return at a suitable time. That gives you time to budget and plan the repair. And of course, when you decide to replace the boiler with a new one, we can let you know the costs involved ahead of time.